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Controlling access with electronic security is the future of protection and the future is here

Digital key pad units help to restrict entry to residents and tenants of specific areas. If you don’t want them sharing codes, install an electronic card reader or key FOB system so only the owner of the unit has access. Each system has its specific uses. Call Top Tech Security to discuss the best option for you.

For even greater protection, discuss customized high security identity systems that control access to the most secure areas. Top Tech professionals will make recommendations and provide the best option for your sensitive area.

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Controlling access to your property is no longer as difficult as it once once. Today’s systems are advanced and get better all the time. You can now easily and clearly  identify those wanting to gain access, restrict access to certain individuals and do it all for hundreds and perhaps thousands of people.

Below are a few different kinds of access control systems to consider for your home or business.

Digital Card Reader – these units require each individual who wants access to a certain area to carry around a card. The user waves or inserts the card into the reader and entrance is granted. With the exception of laboratories and secure government facilitis, card readers are becoming a bit outdated as more opt for key FOB’s.

Key FOB – FOB doesn’t stand for anything in particular. It is not an acronym for anything and is just a name we give electronic entry devices that are quickly replacing card readers. FOB’s act in the exact same way without the need for a bulky security card in one’s wallet. Instead, the FOB can be attached to a keychain or necklace for easier portability.

Key FOB’s are excellent for buildings with a large amount of tenants. The user simply waves the device over the transponder unit and it grants entry. FOB systems are quite reliable and do not require that tenants memorize a code. FOB’s can also be used in conjunction with an intercom unit and a security camera system.

Remote Access – much like a digital car key, remote access units allow a unit to be opened from a distance. They can have a distance limitation like a digital car key or they can be used with an App that allows entrance from handheld devices.

Electronic Keypad – Keypads are also very common and can work in conjunction with other systems such as the key FOB. A user simply enters their code into the key pad and entrance to a unit is granted. The door just pops open for a moment. If the person does not enter within a specific time period, the door may lock again requiring the user to re-enter their code.

The advantage of code keypads is that they can be programmed so everyone has the same code or individual codes can be given to each person. In some systems, the user can create their own code.