Automotive Locksmith Services

For immediate assistance

We’ll unlock anything and replace any car key or digital remote unit

We’ll replace any key, FOB, electronic remote and transponder key for your car. Even if you have a keyless entry system, we’ll get you back in and on your way fast.

If you’ve lost your original key, that’s no problem. We’ll program a new key that works perfectly, just like the original; doors, ignition, trunk and even the alarm will all work properly.

Call us for any lockout, key extraction, jammed door, transponder key replacement or problem accessing your vehicle. Top Tech Security works with all makes and models.

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Our technicians are licensed and fully trained so we not only get to you fast, we get you back on your way fast, too.


Even if you’ve lost the original, our technicians can replace your electronic key transponder right at your location.


Jammed doors, lost cabinet keys, rusted shut safes – we will unlock anything. We’ll even install security gates, doors and windows.


So your electronic or remote car key stopped functioning. Call Top Tech. We have the tools to get it working again.


Even if you’ve lost the original, our technicians can replace your electronic key transponder right at your location.


All Top Tech locksmiths are licensed and insured by the State of New York. We are a NYC company.

We’ll unlock anything
replace any key or secure any area – without damaging your property

Emergency lockout is by far the most common request we receive at Top Tech Security. It happens to us all. We’re usually in a hurry, have a thousand things on our minds, late for an important meeting and we close the door just as we realize our keys are sitting on the front seat.

Stress and panic go through the roof and you want someone to get you back in quickly with as little hassle and cost as possible. Unfortunately, this is also when we make most of our mistakes by calling the first locksmith we find.

The best solution to these situations is prevention. Do your homework first and find a locksmith that is licensed, experienced and quick. Have their phone number on speed dial so you know exactly who to call when it happens. This will make a stressful experience bearable. We hope the company you choose will be Top Tech Security. Our emergency lockout phone number is (718) 745 – 7745.



Keys are very sophisticated today. There are transponder keys, FOB keys, remote access and panic button units. Top Tech Security can replace any key or key mechanism right on the spot. That means we don’t need to go back to the shop for parts or tools. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, we can get a new key made for you while you wait.

Even if you’ve completely lost your keys and do not have a copy, we can program the make, model and serial number of your car to get the right specs to make a new key for you. Yes, we do this in our van, right at your location. You’ll get a brand new key for your BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota or any other make. The equipment needed for this kind of work is highly sophisticated and not all locksmiths have it. That’s why so many other locksmiths refer their customers to us.



Top Tech Security can get you back in safely and quickly with minimal cost. We want to get you back on your way as soon as possible. Our technicians are trained on the latest makes and models of cars, truck, RV’s and motorcycles. We can even get you back into government vehicles. There is literally no automotive lock that we cannot open and no key that we cannot reproduce.

Be sure to call us when your key is stuck in the door or ignition, or if you have a trunk or hood that you can’t get open. We’re all-purpose locksmiths so no matter what you need to open, we’re the ones to call.



Top Tech Security technicians have been getting people back in their vehicles and on their way for a long time. We are experts and know how to do it right, without having to damage your car in the process. Never let a locksmith tell you they have to break your lock in order to gain access. A real professional knows how to get in the right way and can do it quickly and safely. Call Top Tech Security today at (718) 745-7745.