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Intercom systems with clear sound quality and easy-to-use features


You not only need a reliable intercom system for your building, but you want a professional who knows how to get the most out of your system. Tenants need to feel secure, yet have the flexibility to identify people for whom they wish to grant access.

Our systems have clear voice recognition so you can hear visitors clearly. Best of all, our intercom units are intuitive so anyone can use them, which will keep your tenants happy – no more complaints from tenants about poor sound quality or difficult usability.

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Intercom Units

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Intercom installation and service is a popular request for Top Tech Security. There are many buildings throughout the 5 boroughs and most need some kind of intercom system.

The beauty of intercom units is that they can be easily integrated with other security systems such as key FOB, keypad reader and security cameras. We often install units that work with security cameras because tenants want to both speak with and see the person attempting to gain access. The coordination between these unique systems is usually straight forward, but complications can arise with old systems.

Many apartment units use an intercom to let guests in, but integrate a key FOB system for the tenant themselves. Adding a security camera gives the ultimate in access control.

In years past, intercom units have experienced a lot of static and noise issues, making it difficult to determine the true identity of the guest. Today’s systems have no such problem−voice and facial clarity are excellent. There are also add-ons that allow use for the hearing impaired and the blind.

The systems have also gotten easier to use, especially for the elderly. This cuts down on complaints from the tenants and doesn’t require the landlord an extensive tutorial for each new tenant.

Top Tech Security technicians will evaluate your building’s need and the needs of your tenants. We’ll also consider your budget and put together an intercom system that works for all involved. Please give us a call at (718) 745-7745 to speak with an intercom specialist.