Residential Locksmith Services

For immediate assistance

Use only licensed, insured, professional lock & key experts to protect your home

When you call Top Tech Security, only a seasoned professional who is licensed and insured will arrive at your home. Furthermore, he or she will have all the equipment in their van to get you back into your house, apartment or condo without damaging your door or windows.

Our technicians have all the tools and specialized equipment to unlock anything, regardless of how sophisticated the locking mechanism.

They can by-pass any alarm system and communicate with your security company to keep them informed of the situation so you’re not unnecessarily billed for false alarms.
residential locksmith

Emergency Lockout

When you’re locked out of your home a Top Tech Security pro will get to you within 20 minutes or less.

Security Cameras

Home security cameras for condos, apartments, homes or high rises. Monitor it all right from your phone.

Security Doors

Make your home a fortress with Top Tech Security doors. Nobody gets through our doors. Nobody.

Access Control

Get high security protection to safeguard your loved ones with digital access key pads and key card systems.

Gates, Garages, Safes

Call us for security gates, secure garage door opening systems, safe opening, stuck windows, doors and cabinets.

Vintage Locks & Keys

New York City has got some old buildings and with it some old locks and keys. That’s no problem for Top Tech.

We’ll unlock anything
replace any key or secure any area – without damaging your property


Nothing is more crucial than protecting your loved ones and property. At Top Tech Security we understand how important it is that your locks and security units are reliable and do not fail at critical moments. That’s why we only work with the best products and why our apprentices go through a rigorous training process before they can become licensed locksmith professionals.

Our technicians must know your neighborhood so they can recommend the right security system for you. They’ll inspect your home and will find all the likely points of entry for intruders and recommend the best way to secure those areas. In addition to the top rate locking mechanisms and security units they install, they will even give you security tips to help you better secure your home

Emergency Lockout

Next to those who have been locked out of their cars, home lockout services are one of our most frequent calls. People get locked out during all hours, especially at night when it’s the most frightening. Give Top Tech Security a call at (718) 745-7745 and one of our neighborhood technicians will be there immediately.

Our locksmiths are screened, licensed and thoroughly trained so you know you are getting someone reliable and trustworthy. Regardless where in the 5 boroughs you live, a Top Tech Security locksmith will get to you in 20 minutes or less.

Our guys are local and know the area so they avoid traffic jams and highly congested routes. They’ll get you in quickly without damaging your door or home.


Locks & Keys

Mul-T-Lock is the top name in door locks, but they also make units for your windows and other areas. We’ll recommend and install the right kind of lock for each access point, whether it’s a simple padlock, deadbolt, knob lock, lever handle, cam lock or even a rim/mortise lock. We’ll determine who is likely to use the locks and how best to fit them onto your door or window.

In high rent areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn, you may consider a lock that is more high tech such as an electronic key pad. Though digital card readers are available for homes, they are more preferable for commercial use.

The advantage of a digital key pad is that it doesn’t require a key, but those gaining access must remember their code or reprogramming will be necessary. If you have multiple users, codes can get into the hands of someone without permission.

Some residential condominiums and apartment units take advantage of key FOB’s, which are good for tenants because they can typically be put onto a keychain or key ring.


Security Doors and Gates

Top Tech Security has access to a full line of security doors, which are doors that are made to withstand brute force entry – no smash and grab through one of these babies. All doors are made in Israel where security is a way of life.

In addition to security doors, we can supply and install security screens that allow one to open the door to have a conversion without allowing access. The security screen doors provide one way visibility so residents can see out, but intruders can’t see in.

If you live in a part of New York City that provides a driveway, you may consider one of our security gates. Gates can be installed in conjunction with security cameras and intercom systems so you can check to see who is there before granting entry. Gates are attractive, yet provide durable and strong protection.