Security Camera Installation

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CCTV Cameras with remote monitoring to protect your loved ones, your business and your home


We understand failure is not an option. The biggest mistake you can make is to pay for a security camera installation and have it fail at a critical time. Top Tech professionals will make sure your system is set up right and monitors all critical areas.

Watch your area at night, indoors, outdoors and from at any angle, even from your favorite handheld device.

We carry only the best brands such as Bosch, Samsung and Canon. Let us know your budget and requirements and we’ll customize a set up that’s right for you.

We know you have a lot of questions. We’ve got all your answers so give us a call today at (718) 745–7745.

Security Camera Installation


Closed circuit TV cameras are the best in live surveillance. Playback recordings and remote monitoring keep you safe.

Dome Cameras

Monitor your area from all angles with remote direction control. It’s your eye-in-the-sky with movement sensitivity.

Night Vision

Need to monitor an area at night. Our systems can work in the dark, while you’re asleep and alert you if there is a problem.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your area and watch your loved ones from your favorite handheld device. Control surveillance from anywhere.

Dummy units

The sight of a camera alone is often enough to deter an intruder. Save money with fake cameras that look real.

Integrated Systems

Combine access control with camera surveillance and get the maximum protection for your home or business.

We’ll unlock anything
replace any key or secure any area – without damaging your property


If you have a particular need, let Top Tech Security know. Our technicians will inspect your area and based on your budget and requirements, will recommend a system for you. Below are some types of cameras that may fit your needs.

Box Camera – derives it’s name from its shape and is basically a box with a camera pointing out of one end. It offers a lot of lens options and due to it’s housing, is especially useful for outdoor use.

Dome Cameras – Shaped like a dome, the bottom half is made from one way glass or plastic so people cannot see which way the camera inside is pointing. Especially useful for 360 degree surveillance. Dome cameras are unobtrusive and very popular because of their versatility.

IP Cameras – can be integrated with any of the above as they can be controlled over an internet network. The set makes for increased clarity and scalability and many come with built in analytics software. IP cameras are quite popular due to their easier use and functionality compared with analog systems. These are a big seller for top Tech Security.

PTZ Cameras – come in a housing that allows the controller to remotely tilt, rotate or turn the camera at desired angles and to zoom in on specific objects. Unlike the dome camera, most people within filming distance can see that they are being observed. PTZ cameras are usually higher in cost because of their added functionality.

Thermal Cameras – use heat sensing to distinguish people and objects. It is often used to produce surveillance footage in dark or obscure areas. They are bit more expensive due to their sensitive features, but they can work in complete darkness if needed.

Bullet Camera – they mostly derive their name from their shape and have most of the same functionality as other security cameras. All elements are self-contained in the unit and they are often good for low light situations.

Night Security – Cameras can come in different styles, but are designed specifically for night vision and after hours surveillance. Popular with banks and warehouses, these cameras can often be used for indoor/outdoor situations.

Wide Dynamic Cameras – offer the ability to record footage when there are lighting extremes. They can capture clear face shots when the lighting is minimal or if the lighting becomes intense. A good all around choice.