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Protect your home, office or shop with security cameras, access control systems and intercom units


Whether you need stronger security for your home or manage a building that needs controlled access and intercom capabilities, Top Tech Security is the professional choice in New York City.

Most security systems and cameras are custom fit for your unique area. Make an appointment with one of our licensed technicians and they’ll survey your property, budget and unique requirements to provide you the best solution for your security needs.

From digital key pads and card readers to remote monitoring of secured areas, Top Tech Security has brand name units such as Bosch, Samsung and Canon that are specifically designed for either home or commercial security and surveillance. Call us today for an appointment.

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Security Cameras

CCTV, dome, night vision, all-weather, indoor/outdoor with remote monitoring from your handheld device. More

Access Control

Electronic card readers, digital key pads and other high tech access units professionally installed for home or business. More


Intercom and buzzer access from one to one thousand units. Multi-unit or single home—know who’s there. More

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Controlled Access

Access control can come in many forms. The most common are digital key pads, card readers and remote access units. These systems can often be integrated with other security such as an intercom unit or home security camera.

Though electronic card readers are not common for residential properties, they come in quite handy for businesses. Employees can be issued cards or another device called a key FOB (small units that can be put on key chains by tenants in apartment  buildings). The card is swiped over an electronic reader or transponder unit and unlocks the entryway for access.

Digital key pads are similar, but rather than a card, the user enters a security code. The code can be common among all units, though this is not advisable. Top Tech Security can install a keypad system that allows each user to have their own personal code.

Ask your Top Tech Security representative about each system and he or she will provide you the advantages and disadvantages of your particular needs.

Remote access units are popular as well and come in several different forms. Most of us are familiar with digital car keys that open a car door with a press of a button. Such units exist for residential and commercial buildings as well. Some units allow entry from an app on a mobile device.


Security Cameras

There are many types of security cameras such as dome cameras, night vision, intercom enhanced units, IP cameras, thermal systems, wide dynamic units and even faux security cameras that act as a deterrent only.

Dome cameras are our most common request as they provide 360, 3 dimensional surveillance. They are attractive and most people cannot tell which way the cameras is pointing. They often blend in with their surroundings and are very unobtrusive.

Most dome camera units are for indoor use, but can be activated in both day or night. We recommend dome cameras for offices and some retail stores. If your needs require that you watch caretakers or babysitters at home, a dome camera can be adequate for your needs.

Outdoor areas can take advantage of cameras that work both day or night and can be triggered by movement so battery and memory are conserved. Both the units themselves as well as the housing are durable and stand up well to the harsh elements and New York weather.

One of our favorite features of security cameras is the remote surveillance feature. By downloading the system application, you can observe areas and control camera movement from almost any mobile device.

Speak to a Top Tech technician to help determine the best security camera solution for your needs.


Intercom Units

Intercoms are necessary in NYC. There are so many apartment buildings that tenants need to know who is there before they let someone in. But intercom units have come a long way and now provide much better clarity and are often integrated with security camera systems so tenants can both see and hear those wishing to gain access.

Top Tech Security will install an intercom system that is both affordable, yet reliable. No landlord wants to hear complaints from tenants that the intercom isn’t working. We provide systems that are easy to use and very functional so even those who don’t have a technical mind can work it. No more complaints.